Drink | Energy

New full movie by the guys of Drink Water, pretty sure it gives you more fuel then any sugary drink with caffein will.

WYPY | Close To Home

A snowboarding documentary following a group of riders as they explore the state they grew up in, Wyoming. Close to Home is about the people they meet and the hills that surround them. „It’s blues music, it’s country, it’s punk … Continue reading

Para | Digme

I think there are many people in the international snowboard community who have no clue where or what the Valais/Wallis is and what it’s famous for. Only If you are a bit seasoned with alps you may know that the … Continue reading

Spuren |Tracks

DBK made a short clip about Chris Haller’s photos exhibition in Zurich, he took photos from tracks of his board in a maiden halfpipe and colored them well. Even if it is a super simple approach, the pictures have a … Continue reading

friends | snowboarding

I really wasn’t in „It’s snowboard time!“ mood yet, temperatures have been way to high for this time of the year and it feels like a never ending stretch of late summer fallish 3 month span. I’m still checking the … Continue reading

Sierra | Surfed

Without further ado: my favorite webclib of the 2014/15 Season. Winter returns to the Sierra Nevada mountains and its inhabitants set off to score endless yeesh moments. Put on your powder pants and let the plumes of fluff ignite your … Continue reading

Snowboarding’s | Dead

I’ve seen my fair amount of snow days in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula and Minnesota to know that the small resorts and parks out there breath and live snowboarding with every fiber of their old tow ropes and chair lifts … Continue reading

BETA | Movement

If you want a super nice full length snowboard movie that has its focus on good snowboarding rather than helis and explosions you have nothing else to do but press play! BETA MOVEMENT by Michael Haunschmidt

MY | Travel

Elias Elhardt is such a awesome rider and nice person, over the last years he sure did become one of my favorite guys to watch. His part with Gigi in Perceptions is just insane and he just released a couple … Continue reading

All | Passion

„Guch is like the preacher“¬† pretty much sums up what Bryan Iguchi impact on snowboarding. Thanks to Pat Moore’s Blueprint you have the chance to see the Legend back in action.