BETA | Movement

If you want a super nice full length snowboard movie that has its focus on good snowboarding rather than helis and explosions you have nothing else to do but press play! BETA MOVEMENT by Michael Haunschmidt

Narval | Wetsuits

Who are these dudes ripping the sandbank at Le Penon and why do their wetsuits look so damn good? That, or something similar came to my mind when I first saw a bunch of spanish guys all teamed up with … Continue reading

Skatespot | Socialism

A new and unique skatespot in Europe with a lot of history! And it all started when Berlin was still parted in East and West. Back then there couldn’t be two places more contrary then the following: One in East … Continue reading

Cold | Coast

That week NOAA showed a big red and purple frothing eye, moving straight to the coast of Ireland, I’m not surprised to see some of the best European chargers like Eric Rebiere, Tom Butler or Sebastian Steudtner and some international … Continue reading

Winter | Swell

36+ on NOAA, the buoys going bezerk right now, can’t wait for the footage…

the old | the Young

“The Old, the Young & the Sea“ is a movie about the people who inhabit, visit, surf and protect the European shores. OTL gives full support!