David | Doran

David Doran – Creativity in skateboarding, part 1 ✏️ #illustration for @screech_mag daviddoran.co.uk daviddoran.tumblr.com instagram.com/daviddoran

LB | Project

Lucas Beaufort has put together a pretty rad team of artists backed by a some big Skate related companies, magazines and charity organizations. And here’s what they are up to: A european art exhibition through skateboarding. The LB Project has … Continue reading

Go | West

What if the West showed us the way ? The ocean, surfing, the beach, skating… are all antidotes to depression, and sources of inspiration that influence deeply our new ways of life, and of working. To better understand this phenomenon, … Continue reading

Subway | Art

Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant show us how they shoot pictures of street art in New York… 1985! Which ended in the the groundbreaking book Subway Art, educate yourself on real street art…

Jon | Cornella

Joan Cornella’s comic strips like paintings became internet famous lately, but that doesn’t stop me from posting them if they are as good as this one here! joancornella.com