Propeller | Island

When the board sales of a few small labels like Polar, Palace,… rocketed over the last two years some of the big companies didn’t know what hit them. Easy because they where still thinking: if you have a sick team doing super technique and athletic tricks people dig your stuff the most. But the gap between the level of skateboarding from ‚your average skate posse‘ to their teams became too big over the years, people couldn’t identify with it anymore and it became pure fanboy behavior. More and more me and my friends liked to watch edits of crews that actually skated in a way we couldn’t relate to or at least we thought we could. I like to see this as a kind of self-cleaning power of skateboarding.

BUT all of these ongoing changes become even better if they are independent videos. And this is where Joe Collins comes in: His last few projects like Objectif Lune, Journey to the center of the Earth, 20.000 Leagues under the Sea came with the guarantee that you  step on your board within the next 24h after watching them.
Now he has a new one in the making: Propeller Island and the trailer looks like he’ve did it again!