Forbidden | Trim

Forbidden Trim was shot over the course of four years. Shot around the world, the crew traveled to locations in Europe, Central America, and Australia, on a shoe-string budget, in between jobs and paychecks. Machete bearing locals, barbed wire fences, and remote surf locations are only a few of the many obstacles faced in pulling this project off. Shooting film is neither cheap nor easy, and the margin for error is very small. There’s no instant replay, especially in a water housing – where the filmer must exit the water to change the roll. Each roll contains about two and half minutes of shooting.

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§PLASH is the most anticipated Graffiti event of the year. MOSES & TAPS in Paris, you don’t need more to know to join the event, right? But you should. The exhibition is also the end of a 2 week social discussion by The Grifter, about the rules of vandalism:

Two weeks ago, in The Grifters social media we started a social discussion, as the first stage of a project called #RulesOfVandalism.

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Django | Django

Okay maybe some of you think this song is way to hipstery, but it remains me on the old beach boys songs and I like it.

Counting | Days

May is the official „summer is just around the corner“ month in central Europe, everything gets greener and greener and the air turns warmer every day. That means it is about time to load your music libraries with some new sound, start with Audacity for example.

Any | Sunday

If there’s one thing in my life a I still regret, then it is my never followed my passion for motorbikes. I drove a Vespa when I was sixteen, got me a motorbike license when I turned eighteen, but never bought myself bike. So watching this old Bruce Brown documentary feat Steve McQueen and many others plus all the ongoing revival of cafe races and what not just sends one clear message: buy yourself a bike, don’t wait!

Sierra | Surfed

Without further ado: my favorite webclib of the 2014/15 Season.

Winter returns to the Sierra Nevada mountains and its inhabitants set off to score endless yeesh moments.
Put on your powder pants and let the plumes of fluff ignite your inner powder panic!

Snowboarding’s | Dead

I’ve seen my fair amount of snow days in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula and Minnesota to know that the small resorts and parks out there breath and live snowboarding with every fiber of their old tow ropes and chair lifts in the woods or in the cities. The spirits are high here, that’s for sure, even if most people out west never believed me when I told them about the fun I had staying here. But thanks to Snowboarding’s Dead by Loren Brinton I have proof now.

A well appreciated ode to small resorts and core snowboarding.

BETA | Movement

If you want a super nice full length snowboard movie that has its focus on good snowboarding rather than helis and explosions you have nothing else to do but press play! BETA MOVEMENT by Michael Haunschmidt

MY | Travel

Elias Elhardt is such a awesome rider and nice person, over the last years he sure did become one of my favorite guys to watch. His part with Gigi in Perceptions is just insane and he just released a couple of online edits from Alaska and India that will let you sell your Gopro. Reasons enough to show you this little vid by Dakine which is personal and well done.