WYPY | Close To Home

A snowboarding documentary following a group of riders as they explore the state they grew up in, Wyoming. Close to Home is about the people they meet and the hills that surround them.

„It’s blues music, it’s country, it’s punk rock. Anybody can pick up a guitar and go do it. Anybody can hit up their friends and be like, ‚lets go just a couple hundred miles away‘. You know? We don’t have to go overseas or anything, but lets just use our snowboards as an excuse to go see some shit and to go have an experience, and keep it simple. And that’s kinda like what this whole trip was about for me.“
-Willie McMillon

Para | Digme

I think there are many people in the international snowboard community who have no clue where or what the Valais/Wallis is and what it’s famous for. Only If you are a bit seasoned with alps you may know that the Valais is a canton of the french speaking area of Switzerland and that it is know known for its endless mountain landscape and vast open freeride opportunities, but I think most people will know at the least when I drop the famous Matterhorn or Saas Fee, yes that’s also in Valais. With this said Julien Roserens may be the new an best one man public relations department of the Vallais Region, together with his crew and the super talented riders like Levi Luggen and many more show how they spend their time in the swiss backcountry the best way possible and intersperse it with some nice urban spots. Valais, I guess you have some new fans.

NO | Crying

Mother is a band from Athen, Greece, that’s an important fact because their sound could easily be from L.A. or other hotspots. More at nestingbehav


100 | Million

Mac and Charlie, like the new all internet millennium Johnny Cash and June Carter, perfect match!

Gizzard | Lizard

If you missed it so far, King Lizzard’s „Quarters!“ is probably the chillest album of 2015 when it comes to start a friday/weekend/day off…

friends | snowboarding

I really wasn’t in „It’s snowboard time!“ mood yet, temperatures have been way to high for this time of the year and it feels like a never ending stretch of late summer fallish 3 month span. I’m still checking the surf forecast daily and haven’t even thought about replacing it with the powder forecast button on in my browser bar. No way I have checked any new snowboard vids from the early season, but then this came literally out of a different direction and the name: „A bunch of friends snowboarding“ is just as simple as genius, because it has actually all I need, all you need, to get you eager for clocking in mountain hours! After watching it you will agree, you want to swipe away all #fall #nature #colors #leafs Instagrams and replace them with pictures of a massive snowfall on top of your go-to mountai. Yeah right, see?!

Thanks a lot Sebi Madlener & Theo Acworth