§PLASH is the most anticipated Graffiti event of the year. MOSES & TAPS in Paris, you don’t need more to know to join the event, right? But you should. The exhibition is also the end of a 2 week social discussion by The Grifter, about the rules of vandalism:

Two weeks ago, in The Grifters social media we started a social discussion, as the first stage of a project called #RulesOfVandalism.

Together with the artists MOSES & TAPS™, we asked you what are the rules and the definitions of vandalism. Two weeks and thousand of comments later, we are back – as promised – with the second stage of the project – short film made by the artist Good Guy Boris.
The film idea is the to show the respond of the artists – MOSES & TAPS™ – to the statements and the definitions given on the questions in the social discussion:
“ The main character hears disturbing voices in his head. Voices who command him how to paint graffiti. At the very end of the preparation and right before the execution of his piece, the character decides to ignore the voices and to set himself free.
Nobody can put rules in something that is made to be chaos.” tells Boris.
This film is the occasion to link the social discussion with the last stage of the project – The Exhibition.



At first, when graffiti was new and independent, the people who started it were creative. Not bound by rules or codes, they where fascinated and free to create. The freedom of expression that the pioneers of the artistic movement had, lasted as long as more people joined the movement. Like in any other cultural movements, created by a man, rules started to appear, graffiti stopped to develop and creativity started to decrease.

Only several artists understood that this “unwritten laws of vandalism” are blocking their development. They dared to take the risk, to disobey this rules, created in something that was about freedom at first place, in order to continue to evolve. Wherever they went back and forth experimenting – two things remained constant in its ordinary practice –  the spray can as a tool and the urban space as a medium – the Alpha and the Omega.

The Top Sprayers MOSES & TAPS™ are world wide famous for their conceptual artwork on extreme supports, contemporary vandalism and their strong corporative branding.

In their first book, a best seller and titled as the “bible of graffiti”, they set not only a new record of quantity and quality for graffiti on trains, but their ideas and interactions with the public space proved something more important – art does not belongs only in the galleries. In addition, the duo challenged one of the sacred essentials of graffiti – the ego. Leaving both fans and police in check-mate, they sacrificed the idea of “a person is  standing behind a pseudonym”. Moses alias Taps.

In §PLASH “Rules of Vandalism” – their first show in Paris, Moses Alias Taps™ will render the quinta essentia of pure graffiti and challenge another basis – to write a name. “Just paint…” or “A waste of paint…”, Top Sprayers will confront YOUR interpretation on what is standing between the Alpha and the Omega.

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