LB | Project

tumblr_n5doh7nHSw1qccmqqo1_1280Lucas Beaufort has put together a pretty rad team of artists backed by a some big Skate related companies, magazines and charity organizations. And here’s what they are up to: A european art exhibition through skateboarding. The LB Project has been created to unite the European skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London. Sounds pretty great to me!

Featuring artist are Michael Sieben, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Mark Foster, Jeremyville, Kid Creature, Funeral French, Mike Kershnar, Chad Eaton, BB Bastidas and Lucas Beaufort

Their goal is one year ( June 2014 – 2015 ) where artists, skateboarders, stores, media and brands will unite to make skateboarding and art accessible to all.

And if you are into winning things here’s your chance: Everyone who subscribes on this project will have the opportunity to get a chance to win 27 from the 54 unique skateboards.

Cant wait to see the show in Berlin.