East | West

tumblr_nerulgdC3d1qas5vno1_1280I’m not the biggest Techno fan or EDM in general, I always liked guitars and hip-hop a bit more, as you can assume by the music I post here. But when it comes to a good night out, you can’t make it around that genre, especially not in Berlin. ‚The Sound Of The Family‘ or in german ‚Der Klang der Familie‘ is a book about the beginning of it all, after the Berlin wall fell and things got pretty chaotic for a while, more DIY then most can handle, as rampant as a sub culture can be in it’s early days. Just the fact that the history of a country and music history fall on the same spot in time and place makes the story worse reading. You get to know about the beginning of Berlin’s huge club scene and as a side affect you get a bit of a history lesson on the unification of a divided city. The book came out in 2012, but now 25 years after the fall of the wall, it is available in english. A good read, not only for Club goers but for people interested in a good story.

For more you can read a few excerpts over at pitchfork.com