Pretty much the only surf clothing brand that gets the drift in graphic design right now. Call 1-800

Hold | Downs

This is what summer is all about. This film is part of an on-going collaboration between Booooooom ( and Flexfit ( which gives filmmakers the chance to make a film for fun.

burrow | system

Can we all agree that the Tour just became even more boring with Taj retiring? Only thing that would draw me in front of the screen now are Coffins hacks and maybe if JJF starts to answer my expectations. The … Continue reading

NO | Crying

Mother is a band from Athen, Greece, that’s an important fact because their sound could easily be from L.A. or other hotspots. More at nestingbehav

friends | snowboarding

I really wasn’t in „It’s snowboard time!“ mood yet, temperatures have been way to high for this time of the year and it feels like a never ending stretch of late summer fallish 3 month span. I’m still checking the … Continue reading

Surfilm | Festibal

My favorite surf film festival! Always with a super nice selection, environment friendly and at the beautiful City of San Sebastian/Donostia. Go there if you are around!

Forbidden | Trim

Forbidden Trim was shot over the course of four years. Shot around the world, the crew traveled to locations in Europe, Central America, and Australia, on a shoe-string budget, in between jobs and paychecks. Machete bearing locals, barbed wire fences, … Continue reading

Palmera | Express

Palmera Express from Vissla on Vimeo. Ladies and Gents: Eddie Obrand, The Wes Anderson Of Surfing!

Single | Moment

That’s exactly how a shaper should be! A cinematic piece by Nathan Tommassi following the complete process of iconic surfboard craftsman Neal Purchase Jnr, shaping his Angourie Corrugated Single Fin model all the way through to riding the finished product. … Continue reading