All | Passion

„Guch is like the preacher“¬† pretty much sums up what Bryan Iguchi impact on snowboarding. Thanks to Pat Moore’s Blueprint you have the chance to see the Legend back in action.

Flying | Norwegian

Subjekt Haakonsen, Life and Times of a Sprocking Cat – For style research and eductional purposes only! Watch the full movie at Snowboarder Mag

Rad | Dudes

In 1992 Snowboarding was still rad and wild, all neon and shit. I really hope that the trend of wearing your goggles backwards is coming back strong in 2014.

which | way

This Torstein Horgmo interview on TWSnow is a striking example for the misery of snowboarding right now. Click below to get there. Today at X Games 2014 we all witnessed something. We witnessed slopestyle snowboarding almost hitting its peak. How … Continue reading

Benjamin | Giesbrecht

The great outdoors never looked that good. When thinking about Vancouver and the surrounding area it looks like Bengie’s photos to me. Don’t get me wrong, the most I’ve been up north was Oregon, never been to BC or anything, … Continue reading

Powder | Faul

ISENSEVEN – „Changes“ from Isenseven on Vimeo. If this video doesn’t get you motivated to shred the pow and then shake your booty on le wild dancefloor after riding, then nothing will. We teamed up with french disco bossman, FAUL, … Continue reading

Out | There

We Out There – Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli and Flo Corzelius. 3 unemployed snowboarders tryin‘ to make it from rags to riches and Russian bitches by risking their health to get nasty stitches. That’s what they do. There are a … Continue reading

Golden | Years

And there it is, the first full-length snowboard movie of the 13/14 Season. At the right time together with the first big snowfalls in the Alps, the KBR boys drop Golden Years, and it get’s you going… instagram: @kbrcrew … Continue reading

Pain | Killers

Aww come on, not another spring park edit!? No this RK1 edit isn’t another, this is a stand out! Just wait for the first tricks over the massive booter… and take a close look at 7:27!

John | Antoski

John Antoski’s black and white drawings are so on point I couldn’t choose just one to post here. Beside the awesome motives, I like his clean style which sometimes seems slip into some kind of cubism inspired subjekt and the … Continue reading