caley | vanular

0761355-R1-02-3No swell and bad weather, I was lying on my sofa being bored as hell, flipping through Instagram’s explore site on my phone just to keep me from starring at the wall. Tons of random photos from places and faces you’ve seen a hundred times, nothing new, but then this one picture of a swimming pool in front of a rough stone wall caught my attention.  Never heard the name caleyvanular but 35k followers did. I checked her website and was nothing but impressed by her portfolio, her marketing repertoire, and most of all her contest results. And maybe that’s why her work is more appealing to me than others. She’s not documentation, she living these moments caught in her photos. So If you need a nudge to get out no matter what the forecast looks, you should visit Caley Vanular’s Instagram and Website, especially the summer series interviews. And if you are a company looking for someone who is real as it gets, write her a nice mail!