Welcome to the new ON THE LOOSE blog!

I finally made it, a new home, a real url, no more hassling around with blogspot, Version 3.0 full mobile version for tabloids and what not. And yes, it was about time! Thanks for reading.


I wanted to keep it a classic blogging styled theme, cause there are plenty of magazine styled blogs out there and I just didn’t wanted to be another one with a flash header and minimal black and white style, so that’s reason for the blue.
Header image will vary though.

I’m making no big deal what inspired me on my new site, I just could spend hours on these two sites and totally like the the style of things they post.

taste.imbootoo and mood.ways-california
picture by thomaskoenig

A european based and centered surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding blog which is interspersed with music and art I enjoy.