I really thinks it’s not okay that WKND didn’t ask me for permission to take my „going to work“
routine for their new clip, but since I really like Johan Stuckey I have to turn a blind eye on it.

Drink | Energy

New full movie by the guys of Drink Water, pretty sure it gives you more fuel then any sugary drink with caffein will.

haller | GLUE

GLUE – expressing a close perspective to the feeling of snowboarding.

a film by

Not just snowboarding like it is, snowboarding like I like to see it. Purest form of expression defined by noone else but the rider himself.

Hold | Downs

This is what summer is all about.

This film is part of an on-going collaboration between Booooooom (booooooom.com) and Flexfit (flexfit.com) which gives filmmakers the chance to make a film for fun. Continue Reading

burrow | system

Can we all agree that the Tour just became even more boring with Taj retiring? Only thing that would draw me in front of the screen now are Coffins hacks and maybe if JJF starts to answer my expectations.

The only good thing is, we all can hope for more Taj freesurf clips. And sorry for the poor video quality but the dude who uploaded it probably watched the vhs as much as we all did, so you know the part anyway.

HEad | rest


It not happens very often that I fan out a band because of one song, but Car Seat Headrest  ‚Fill in the blank‘ is just the opening of a more than solid album. But before you go search the web for free download on zippygatorload listen to the song and maybe you agree that it’s a great piece of songwriting an pay for the full album to support, well, great songwriting! See lyrics above.

GOON | Sax

CH132-Goon-Sax-RGBThe Goon Sax are Brisbane teenagers Riley Jones, Louis Forster and James Harrison. Their debut album Up To Anything was released on Chapter Music in March 2016 and you won’t find a song that you skip, full album listing pleasure, guaranteed.